TERRAMILE fertilisers are made exclusively from the top-quality components. They are next-generation balanced products that meet the needs of your soil.

TERRAMILE fertilisers are manufactured nitrate-free, thus ensuring a healthier and better-quality harvest and protecting natural resources. To optimise yields, we adhere to the principle of moderation. We draw our inspiration from the maximum efficiency of fertilisers. Therefore, in partnership with acknowledged agricultural experts and researchers we develop the TERRAMILE fertilisers that are in line with the principles of modern farming.

TERRAMILE fertilisers offer plants an even distribution and uptake of nutrients.
– No excess quantities.
– No unnecessary components.
It is a meticulously accurate recipe.

TERRAMILE fertilisers ensure good health of your soil: their components optimise soil quality parameters and create an environment conducive to the activity of micro-organisms. We create NPK fertilisers that flexibly adapt to the soil without degrading it, but ensuring the optimum yield.

TERRAMILE fertilisers are about what suits your soil and plants precisely. It is a precision and long-term impactful effect. We have been improving our offer to you for over 15 years!


UAB “UHB AGRO” actively cooperates with fertiliser and feed suppliers in Lithuania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. It exports its produce to Thailand, China, Vietnam, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Latvia and Estonia. The company had its GMP+ certification in 2017. The company’s turnover exceeded EUR 30 million in 2017.


Gintaras Dulinskas
Head of Sales
Plento g. 92, Širvintos, Lithuania, LT-19126
Company reg. number: 303402007
VAT: LT100008895811
Phone.: +370 602 56 384